Personalization of Learning for the Future

By Stacy Dolderer

This year my Computer Science and Business courses have been put fully online to accommodate for those students who chose remote learning.

woman in brown long sleeve shirt holding white printer paperAs a result, I’ve had the opportunity to deliver instruction for individual learners when needed in the form of videos, chat messages, shared programming, and synchronous meetings. I encourage students to advocate for themselves and reach out to me when they are confused, and we then work by using the technology available to us to find a solution.  I’ve also learned, through technology tools such as Microsoft Teams and CodeHS, methods of delivering differentiated assignments that reach common goals.

person writing on white paperI’d like to share some of successes this year:

  •  A student who has difficulty typing can be given the ability to use block coding instead of typing code line for line.
  • A student who has a vision impairment can increase the font size on their coding exercises to accommodate learning.
    turned on gray laptop computer
  • Closed captions can be turned on inside PowerPoint and shared with a link.  Students can see the closed captions right on their own device (computer, tablet, phone) without them being displayed to the whole class.
  • Closed captioning can be edited inside Zoom recordings or YouTube Studio to correct any automatic translation errors.  I have several hard of hearing students that thrive in my courses.
    man wearing headphones while sitting on chair in front of MacBook
  • I can distribute worksheets or notes to select students who need information in written form instead of video recordings.
  • All assignments can be completed on a variety of devices, including cell phones.
    blue corded headphones
  • My learning platforms allow me assign advanced or remediated material to students as needed.
    • Some move faster through computer programming, so they can receive more advanced lessons and assignments.
    • Some students struggle with computing concepts, so they can receive smaller chunks of material.

woman in blue tank top standing beside white wallI will continue to employ many of these methods of personalization next year when I return to face-to-face teaching.