Keeping Great Schools in Great Falls

By Reverend Tim Seery

I’ve lived out-of-state for nearly 10 years now and I still have not encountered anything quite like Great Falls Public Schools.

love to learn pencil signage on wall near walking man

I had experiences as a student in Great Falls Public Schools that were more intense and challenging than anything I encountered in my bachelors and masters programs at Harvard.

If you asked me to list the top 5 most memorable scholastic experiences of my life, at least 4 of them would be from my years in Great Falls Public Schools.

boy sitting near red table reading book

The thing that Great Falls Public Schools gets right is its culture of academic grit and work ethic mixed with passion. Great Falls Public Schools delivered the world to me without ever having to leave Great Falls.

grayscale photography of kids walking on road

Great Falls Public Schools offers a public education product of such quality that those of us who spend our entire lives there don’t quite realize how profoundly special it is until we leave. I learned empathy in a Great Falls Public Schools classroom. I became myself in a Great Falls Public Schools classroom.

I saw, touched, and experienced the world in a Great Falls Public School classroom.

man sitting on gray dock

In saying yes to Great Falls Public Schools, in saying yes to the levy, we are saying yes to the stewardship of Great Falls’ most precious, unique, and irreplaceable treasure.

— Rev. Tim Seery

*Tim Seery distinguished himself as a student in Great Falls, graduating at the top of his class and serving as a student on the Montana Board of Public Education. He obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Harvard University. He is now pastor of the Congregational Church of LaJolla in southern California.