Do You Want To Meet a Super Hero?

Do You Want to Meet a Super Hero?
Educate a Child!

Some first graders were asked this question by their teacher recently:

If you could choose one superpower to help change the world, what would it be? 

Below are their responses.

Dr. Superpowers: “I want COVID to go away and I want to help people not get sick.”

Read Mind Superpowers: “I want to be able to know what people need so I can help them.”

Super Cook Powers: “I would like to be able to cook so I can make dinner for them.” 

Flying Superpowers: “I want to be able to fly places and have other people fly.  This would be so nice because we would not have to use gas, which is a lot of money for my parents.” 

Super Strength Powers: “I want to be strong so I can help lift heavy things.” 

Super Cat Women Powers: “I would want to give everyone a cat. I really like cats and I think others do too.” 

These 7 year-olds are our future. Let’s keep on giving them the best public education possible!