Dear GFPS Staff, Thank You!!

Dear Great Falls Public Schools Administration, School Board, Teachers, Staff and community partners.

One week ago, today we saw inklings but had no firm proof that our world, our community, our schools, and our homes would take a drastic shift. But I’m sure that you started to make some tentative plans “just in case”.

people sitting down near table with assorted laptop computers

Sunday evening y’all went into overdrive and somehow miraculously (it seemed from the outside) Monday morning we had procedures, plans, and lessons for our children to complete at home.

woman in black long sleeve shirt using macbook

I’m sure there were some tough conversations, meetings and strong feelings as always happen when you have passionate, intelligent and varied views in one organization. I’m guessing that your leadership team and board were forthright, honest, and candid with each other because you all care deeply about our community, our children and your employees. I’m grateful that you each shared your thoughts frankly and came to an understanding enough that from the outside, it seemed seamless, clear and well-intentioned.

black smartphone near person

I’ve spoken to friends and family in various parts of the country and they’ve all been impressed at how quickly and unified our school services have been rolled out.

I at no time have been concerned or wondering what and when the information will be given because the flow of information has been clear and consistent.

woman between two childrens sitting on brown wooden bench during daytime

We knew that you were making it up as you went in this unchartered territory but from the outside, it never looked frenzied or discordant which means that I’m sure that it all happened in your hearts, offices and maybe screaming/sobbing in your pillows.

man on thinking pose

Thank you for working together for the good of our children.

For the future of our community. For the security of our teachers and staff and for the hopeful end that will eventually come.

boy writing

We appreciate all the extra hours, all the extra meetings and all the times that you asked, “But what about those with food insecurity?, those without internet access?, those with transportation needs?, those who are already struggling?—what about THEM?”

silver fork and knife on plate

This—THIS is what makes you phenomenal human beings, educators, servants, and givers—

we will never know what the last week has been like for each of you but I do know that it couldn’t have been easy and without self-doubt or thoughts of inadequacy.

person in red sweater holding babys hand

I (and many others in this community) thank you for your honesty, diligence, integrity and sincere love for our children. Thank you for walking in lockstep with agencies, government, businesses, and community partners.

We see all that you are, all that you give and all that you sacrifice.


thanks! paper and black pen on wood surface

With gratitude,
Elizabeth Hill  (on behalf of all parents in Great Falls)