Education is the KEY! We stand apart from the Great Falls Public Schools but provide support for our schools and a strong continued investment in education and our community.

KEY is a public education advocacy group in Great Falls, Montana. Our mission is to advocate for a strong school system, educate voters on school funding issues and mobilize community resources to ensure adequate funding for Great Falls Public Schools.

KEY started as a political action committee when levies were failing and Great Falls’ public schools were being hurt by under-funding. A group of concerned citizens assembled to deal with this issue and many members of the group are still actively engaged in its work today. Each year, the priorities seem to change and our approach changes. The constant is that the State of Montana has underfunded public education for a number of years, but our local population has chosen to continue to support our great education system.

Please consider helping this important grassroots organization devoted to a better future for our community! Volunteer or contribute now by contacting us at